Bodybuilding As An Art Form

Bodybuilding involves a lot more than massive individuals flexing and posing in front of a crowd.  Arguably, the human body is among the most impressive and challenging natural structures to modify.  It is a lot easier to paint a portrait of an animal or landscape than to sculpt your physique through bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding involves grabbing a bench and a dumbbell and getting to work on a consistent basis.  It is definitely not an art form that happens over a week or month.  Bodybuilding is a continual process that involves making strategic moves 24 hour a day for months and years.

Individuals who have competed in bodybuilding competitions are aware of the sacrifices involved in preparing the body for show.  The majority of bodybuilders spend approximately 12 weeks to actively prepare their bodies for competition.  They spend hours in the gym using carefully designed techniques to ensure muscle growth occurs in a particular manner.  It is vital for the muscles to grow in the correct direction and proportion.

Just like engineering structures, the body must be provided with a proper and stable foundation in order to stand strong.  Therefore, bodybuilders have to ensure their calves are properly aligned with their quads.  They should also be symmetrical between sides and correctly proportioned.

This follows the tapering up to a virtually non-existent waist. When displayed correctly, the waist should seem to disappear with the right twist.  It is important that the abdominals have the correct amount of separation as it will be judged negatively if they are too far apart.  If adequate separation has not been achieved, the bodybuilder would need to go back on the treadmill to get rid of some water weight.

The back muscles can be viewed from all angles.  The back is displayed from the side, front and rear-facing positions.  Therefore, the aim would be to get the three-dimensional qualities of width, depth and separation to achieve a winning back.  These qualities must be very obvious to elicit positive reactions form the judges.

The chest is also a vital part of the equation. Carefully attention must be paid to ensure that the two different parts of the chest look in sync and very refined.  These two parts must flow together, while maintaining significant separation.

Bodybuilding is an art form that should not be attempted by the faint of heart.  It takes hard work and determination to achieve real bodybuilding success.